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Any pictorial representation of anything outside our solar system, are nothing more than a piece of art which adheres to some particular set of specifications. So, while scientists are still dealing with different innovating concepts to explore more about the universe, there is absolutely no logical benchmark to decide whether the Bharat model of Cosmos is true or false. Let us exclude the assumption of us being the most advanced generation ever and analyze the ancient texts from a learner’s point of view. Hence, while going through the Bharat scriptures, instead of comparing them with popular artworks of galaxies or nebulae, if we can try to re-model the entire cosmos, we will get an astounding simulation of universe. And who says, even if it does feel like a very impossible theory today, someday in future, it will not be embraced by scientists whole-heartedly ?

Our modern history starts from roughly 20000 years earlier. Aztecs could not go beyond a mere 4000 – 5000 years. The empire of Sumerians recorded up to 250000 years. Babylon was a little further, maintaining a journal of 400000 years. Legendary Egyptians reached their limit at 100000 years. Ancient Mayans stands apart from this list, who had the concept of cyclic time and a mechanism to measure a billion year long cycle. But all of them combined, is dwarfed by enormity and complexity of the ancient Bharat almanac.

The ruthless Chakra-Vyuha was not known for killing with a fatal blow, instead it used to tear the enemy apart, flesh by flesh ; it allowed the enemy to scream in agony ; it calmly observed the enemy giving his everything to break free ; it watched in amusement when the enemy brought out every last bit of valor left, as a desperate attempt ; and at last, when there was nothing remained for him to continue fighting, then with just another gentle stroke, it used to stop the heart beat forever. No wonder, out of 18 Akshauhini Mahabharata warriors, only 7 dared to enter a Chakra-Vyuha, willingly.

On the contrary, ancient Indian Military was one of the most composed, most advanced and most fearsome forces in the world.The myth of Bharat Kingdoms being not able to cope up with foreign invasions due to relying on obsolete methods of warfare may be applicable to a few selected Kings, but not entire Bharat. Even taking into consideration of Prithwiraj Chauhan’s blunder of letting the defeated islamic invaders go back unharmed and giving them another chance to attack subsequent year, still we can say that most of then Bharat Kings were not likely to lack such kind of vision. From each and every aspect of military wing, starting from weaponry to army formations, from defensive structures to offensive potentials, from guerrilla warfare to making alliances – the ancient Bharat armies still have a lot to teach our modern day field-marshals.