On the contrary, ancient Indian Military was one of the most composed, most advanced and most fearsome forces in the world.The myth of Bharat Kingdoms being not able to cope up with foreign invasions due to relying on obsolete methods of warfare may be applicable to a few selected Kings, but not entire Bharat. Even taking into consideration of Prithwiraj Chauhan’s blunder of letting the defeated islamic invaders go back unharmed and giving them another chance to attack subsequent year, still we can say that most of then Bharat Kings were not likely to lack such kind of vision. From each and every aspect of military wing, starting from weaponry to army formations, from defensive structures to offensive potentials, from guerrilla warfare to making alliances – the ancient Bharat armies still have a lot to teach our modern day field-marshals.

Muslim rulers with all their cruelty, barbarism and firepower were no match for Hindu kingdoms of that time. It was constant and persistent resistance from Hindu Kings and Leaders that halted Islamic aggression for approx one and a half millennia. Please go through the below chronology and it will make it clear.

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