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… the cradle of human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, and the great grand mother of tradition …

This was the response by famous writer Mark Twain when he had to describe India. As opposed to the popular belief in today’s age of materialistic intellect and mechanical education, the statement is not at all an exaggeration. Beyond today’s political boundary what is identified as “India”, core of ancient Bharatbarsha was extended from Hindukush in west to Himalayas in North and East and the Ocean in South, though her influence stretched far ahead. In modern terms, the closest word to describe ancient Bharatbarsha seems to be the word “Indosphere”. Bharatbarsha does not mean any specific landmass; she is the cultivation of the richest culture ever known, the peak of ethics of humanity, the deepest of knowledge ever achieved and the proper way of living the life. While the rest of the world was still in the pre-historic age and living in the nomadic culture, Bharatbarsha boasted to have the most advanced civilizations of the world. Starting from the day unknown, “Bharatbarsha” was the dwelling place of wisest sages, most fierce warriors, wealthiest merchants and the common men whose hospitality is still incomparable to anywhere in the world. There were many civilizations that rose and fell within a span of mere a few thousand years i.e. Egypt(Mishor), Babylon, Assyria, Inca, Maya, Aztec etc. But the civilization in Bharatbarsha is still one of the ruling forces in the history of mankind. She has suffered world ending natural calamities, bloodiest ever civil war, millennia-long religious attacks and the curse of forgetfulness, but still she has stood up, shaken off the dust and went ahead to lead the humankind one more time. The multitude of cultures she nurtures, surpasses that of even any continent in modern world. Every other empire had bitten dust by the sword of Eternity. But “Bharatbarsha” still emerges as the oldest living civilization. The history of “Bharatbarsha” is the history of mankind. When the entire world deduces that human beings is nothing but genetically advanced version of monkeys, the great philosophers of Bharatbarsha proudly announced us as “Son of the Immortal”:

शृण्वन्तु बिश्वे अमृतस्य पुत्रा

When today’s advanced science remains silent about the life after death, she has enough intellect to describe the cycle of life, to discover 14 worlds (Seven swargas and seven patals). When modern history loses its way beyond five thousand years, our philosophy deals with crores of millennia (Kalpa-s), far before the creation of this universe. When modern literature is too busy with creating distorted arts, our forefathers has composed most complex text ever, consisting of Six Lakh verses which included layers of ciphers. When the entire world takes pride with one dis-balanced architecture, our ancestors silently crafted mountains into time-defeating temples. Such a long tradition, so huge time-span that predates even our known history of the entire world, this much variations of understanding the life, so rich heritage… “Bharatbarsha” is not a country in the world. There is a world within this country in her own terms.

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